Use our Public QR Code API to easily automate QR Code generation

Integrate multiple Static QR codes into your app to create black and white or branded QR codes effortlessly.

Black and White QR Codes: The epitome of simplicity and effectiveness

Black and white QR codes are classic! They are timeless and have a proven track of functionality. These codes are the best option to use in formal or internal settings. Simple black and white QR codes can be used for employee IDs, event badges, technical product documentation, and a lot more.
Basic QR Code API
Use the Basic QR Code API documentation to create simple black-and-white QR codes.

Create colorful custom QR Codes

Looking for the best way to engage with costumers? Branded and colorful QR codes are here to save the day. If you’re working in the hospitality, retail, or marketing or industry, these codes are a guaranteed pathway to success. Our QR Code API will easily match your brand’s identity to your code. You can customize your QR codes with your brand colours to boost your campaign’s success. For the best results ensure the background and foreground colors contrast clearly.
Colorful QR Code API
Use Colorful QR Code API documentation to design colorful custom QR codes.

Engaging CTAs and attractive frames - All you need in QR Code design

Make you QR Code stand out with the new design additions. Unique frames and clear CTAs will ensure your QR code gets noticed and scanned in no time.
Framed QR Code API
Use Framed QR Code documentation to enhance the appearance of your QR codes by adding frames and CTAs.