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App QR Code - Make QR Code for App Download [ App Store & Play Market ]

Shahla Abdulova

May 14, 2024

3 min read

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A QR code for app download is a quick and convenient method to access and install applications. The App Store QR code improves the user experience by simplifying the download journey, eliminating the need for manually searching and typing URLs. An app download QR code displays various information, including the app's name, the developer's name, the app's image or logo, a call to action, a brief description of the app, and direct links to the app's download pages across various platforms.

Scanning an App QR code automatically redirects the user to the app's download page in the respective app store, offering a seamless method for sharing and downloading apps. QR codes for app downloads span several business areas, such as event promotion, advertising, and restaurant services, enhancing user convenience and streamlining distribution for developers.

The benefits of using an App QR codes are to offer a direct and streamlined method for users to access and download mobile applications, enhancing user experience and simplifying the app distribution process for developers and businesses. The benefits of App QR codes include direct links to app stores, cross-platform usability, effective marketing, trackability, and ease of sharing. Creating an App QR code involves going to the top of the page, customizing its appearance, providing app information, adding app store links, and designing the QR code for download. Editing or updating the QR code and app download links is done through the QR Code Creator platform. A single QR code supports links for multiple app stores. App QR codes are configured to redirect directly to an app store or a landing page, depending on the desired user experience and the amount of information to be conveyed before downloading.

What is a QR Code for App Download?

A QR code for app download is a quick and convenient method to access and install mobile applications. Using a mobile phone camera, the QR code links the user to an app store or website, whether it’s Google Play, Apple App Store, or Amazon App Store. The simplified process eliminates the need for manual searching and typing of URLs. QR code to download app enhances the user experience by improving the download journey, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

What Information Can be Displayed with an App QR Code?

An App QR code can display the following information.

  • The application's name is displayed at the top of the QR code’s landing page.
  • The app developer's name or company that developed the app.
  • The app's image or logo will be uploaded, which usually sits at the center of the QR code design.
  • A title for the page that the QR code leads to, like a prompt or a call to action.
  • Brief description highlighting the app's main features or benefits.
  • Link to the website associated with the app.
  • Direct links to where the app is downloaded or accessed in various app stores, such as Apple Store, Google Play, and possibly Amazon.

Does App QR Codes Open a Direct App Store Link?

Yes, App QR codes open a direct App Store link. Scanning the App QR code with a QR code reader, typically a phone's camera, automatically redirects to the app's download page in the respective app store. The App QR code provides a convenient way to download apps, particularly when sharing them with others.

How to Use QR code for App Download

QR code for app downloads is used in different business areas. There are some usage cases which are given below to illustrate the point.

  • Event promotion: Event organizers are able to use QR codes on promotional materials to direct attendees to download their event app.
  • Advertisements: Advertisers include a QR code in their print or digital ads to direct potential customers to download their app.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants use QR codes to facilitate the download of their mobile applications, offering convenience to their patrons. Diners view menus, place orders, make reservations, and receive exclusive offers or discounts by scanning QR codes placed on table tents, menus, or promotional materials. Restaurants use QR codes for loyalty programs, allowing customers to earn rewards or points for their purchases through the app.
  • Software Developers: Software developers utilize QR codes to streamline the distribution of their applications across various platforms. Developers use QR codes to promote their software products online or at events, so that users download and install the application directly from the store (such as Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store).

What are the Benefits of Using App QR Codes?

The benefits of using App QR codes are to offer a direct and streamlined method for users to access and download mobile applications, enhancing user experience and simplifying the app distribution process for developers and businesses. The most important benefits of App QR codes are given below.

  • Direct link to the app: An App Store QR code provides a direct link to the app’s page in the app store when scanned. A direct link eliminates the need for users to search for the app manually, making finding and downloading the app faster and more efficient. An App Store QR code is particularly useful in promotional materials to provide a seamless experience for potential users.
  • Cross-platform usability: App Store QR codes are designed to be universally readable. The same QR code works for Android or iPhone to take users to the appropriate app store. Using the same App QR code eliminates the need to create separate QR codes for different platforms, simplifying the process and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Effective marketing strategy: App Store QR codes are incorporated into various marketing materials, both digital and print. Digital and print materials for App QR codes include websites, email campaigns, social media posts, posters, flyers, and more.
  • Trackable: One of the key advantages of digital marketing tools like QR codes is that App QR codes are trackable. It is possible to track and record the action of a user scanning an App QR code. The data from tracking a QR code for the app provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Ease of sharing: Sharing an app's App Store QR code is a quick and easy way to recommend it. The recipient simply needs to scan the QR code to be taken directly to the app’s page in the app store. The QR code app download is much quicker and more convenient than explaining where to find the app and how to download it.

How to Create a QR Code for an App

To create a QR code for an App, follow the instructions below.

1. Use the App QR code generator.

Use the App QR code generator.

Go to the App QR code generator at the top of the page and sign in to create an App QR code. QR Code Creator offers more than 20 QR code types to create. Choose the type to create, specifically opting for an App QR code. Users scan the QR code for download an application from the preferred app store.

2. Customize the App QR code’s landing page.

Customize the App QR code’s landing page.

Tailor the App's appearance in the QR code by selecting suitable colors and uploading the application's logo. Configure the welcome screen to preview how the logo is displayed while the app page is loading, ensuring a visually appealing presentation using the app QR code generator.

3. Provide App Information.

Provide App Information.

Input relevant details about the application, such as its name, developer's name, page title, a brief description highlighting key features, and a website link for additional information or support.

4. Add App Store Links.

Add App Store Links.

Insert the links directing users to download the app from various app stores, ensuring compatibility across platforms such as Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon. Users must access at least one app store link to download and install the application.

5. Design and Download the App QR code.

Design and Download the App QR code.

Customize the design of the QR code by selecting from a range of sticker designs, adjusting sticker colors and shapes, adding a logo to the QR code, and modifying text elements to suit branding preferences. Choose a preferred format to create a QR code for app download, such as PNG, JPG, SVG, or EPS, and download it.


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How to Edit App Store QR Code

To edit an App Store QR code, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in. Access is gained to the QR Code Creator account. The dashboard displays all the QR codes that have been created.
  • Select the QR code. The App Store QR code to be edited is selected from the dashboard.
  • Edit. Click the Pencil icon to edit the App QR code. QR code’s content and its landing page design are updated here.
  • Finish. The final step is to click the 'Save' button to apply the changes. The updated QR code to download the app is then ready for use.

How to Change the App Download Links After Creating the App Download QR Code

To change the app download links after creating the App Download QR code, follow the steps below:

  • Log in. Access the QR Code Creator account to view the dashboard with all created QR codes.
  • Choose a QR code. Select the App Store QR code that requires modification from the dashboard.
  • Edit. Click the ‘Edit’ button to navigate to the customization page to modify the QR code.
  • Update Links. Refresh the app links for various app stores in the ‘Set Up Info’ section. Ensure at least one link is provided.
  • Save. Save the updated information by clicking the 'Save' button. The updated QR Code is now ready for use.

Do You Need to Create Separate App Download QR Codes for Play Store and App Store Download Links?

No, you don’t need to create separate App Download QR codes for Play Store and App Store download links. A single QR code is able to serve the purpose of directing users to a suitable app store, depending on the operating system of the device. QR codes are scanned by Android and iOS devices, and the user then navigates the respective app store after scanning the code.

Should You Use a QR Code to Redirect Directly to the App Store or a Landing Page for the App?

You can use a QR code to redirect directly to the App Store or a landing page for the App. The App QR code is able to be set up to redirect to a page that provides options for different app stores (Google Play Store, App Store, Amazon) if links for these stores are provided. Leading to direct to the App Store is straightforward and eliminates extra steps for the user after scanning the App QR code. Users are taken directly to the app’s page in the App Store or Google Play Store link.

Redirecting the landing page allows additional information and context about the app before the user decides to download it. Features of the app, testimonials, app images, or even an app trailer are shown on the landing page. Redirecting the landing page is particularly useful if the app requires some explanation.

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