How Luxury Brands Use QR Codes in Their Fashion Strategies

Gunel Ismayilova

Apr 08, 2024

6 min read

QR codes on Clothing

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Let's say goodbye to boring clothing labels and tags, and welcome to QR code-based shopping! Quick Response codes have revolutionized the fashion world, offering customers a new and innovative shopping method. Trust us; fashion brands are jumping on the QR code bandwagon at lightning speed. Buckle up and prepare to explore an exciting world of fashion brands using QR codes. 

Let's get started!

What Clothing Brands use QR Codes?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes scanned using a phone camera or a QR code reader app. They are designed to store and retrieve data quickly, making them a convenient tool for various purposes, including marketing, product identification, and customer engagement.

QR codes have become a ubiquitous component of modern technology, used in many industries, including fashion. In recent years, many fashion brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Red Valentino, have begun incorporating QR codes into their products and marketing strategies to provide customers with a more engaging, convenient, and sustainable shopping experience.

Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger's QR code campaign

Do you know Tommy Hilfiger's QR code campaign? The company takes an omnichannel approach as part of Tommy Hilfiger's QR code strategy. Their goal is to make things easy and convenient for their customers. Shoppers can scan QR codes on their phones to get information about products, special deals, and promotions.

Moreover, they even used augmented reality in one of their advertising campaigns in London! By scanning an AR QR code on a billboard, people could go to a Tommy Hilfiger online store to browse and buy items, which would then be delivered right to their door. Cool, huh?

By combining traditional advertising with the ease of online shopping, this campaign gives customers an unforgettable shopping experience. Using both AR and QR codes, Tommy Hilfiger integrated the digital and physical worlds, resulting in increased foot traffic to their stores and higher sales. It shows how the brand can effectively use technology to drive engagement and profits.

GucciGucci QR code

Gucci has a fantastic new way to ensure their products are authentic and protect their brand. They use QR codes to fight counterfeit products and maintain brand reputation. Gucci QR codes help to authenticate the brand's products and provide customers with a quick and convenient way to verify the authenticity of their purchases.

What does the Gucci QR code do?

Every Gucci product now has its unique QR code, which you can simply scan using your smartphone camera. It will take you to a landing page that displays important details about the product, like its serial number, manufacturing date, and more. Using this information, you can verify that the product is genuine and produced by Gucci.


The luxury fashion brand Balenciaga also uses QR codes to enhance its brand experience and provide customers with a more convenient and engaging shopping experience. Customers can scan QR codes on Balenciaga's product labels to access detailed information about the product, including its materials, care instructions, etc.

That's not all! Due to the challenges posed by social distancing, Balenciaga got creative and used QR technology to launch their fall-winter 2021-2022 collection effectively. Together with Epic Games, they developed "Afterworld: the age of tomorrow." In the game, otherworldly characters revealed the pieces in the collection. Finally, the best part? By scanning the QR code, you can play the game and discover the brand's fall-winter collection while experiencing an allegorical adventure in 2031. What a fantastic idea, isn't it?

Red ValentinoRed Valentino

Valentino's youth-oriented diffusion line Red Valentino offers stylish, affordable outfits for fashion-forward youngsters. Additionally, they're making it easier for you to add their pieces to your wardrobe. They've placed QR codes on their clothing labels to entice potential customers. You'll get a 10% discount when you scan the code with your phone! It's a great incentive to visit their website and start shopping.

This new marketing campaign offers customers a great deal, highlighting the Red Valentino brand, which brings the latest fashion trends to a younger audience. Using QR codes as part of its sales strategy, Red Valentino is staying ahead of the competition and enabling customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

PANGAIAPANGAIA product with QR code

PANGAIA takes fashion to a whole new level with sustainable clothes. Their mission is to promote circularity and sustainability in the fashion industry, and they're doing it in the most innovative way possible - with QR codes!

In partnership with the tech company EON, PANGAIA has developed QR-coded digital passports. When you buy a PANGAIA garment, you can scan the code to see the product's journey - from origin to production or aftercare. You'll get all the details about the materials and processes used and how it impacts the environment.

PANGAIA uses EON's Circular Product Data Protocol to make sure resale, recycling, and sorting partners have access to product data.

In addition to making the fashion industry more sustainable, PANGAIA's QR codes empower you, the client, to make informed decisions. You can access all the information you need in a fun and engaging way.

Calvin KleinCalvin Klein QR code campaign

Calvin Klein, the American fashion brand, uses QR codes in its billboard advertising. Customers can scan QR codes on billboards to access product videos. Calvin Klein can provide an interactive and engaging customer experience this way.

With QR codes, Calvin Klein can make better decisions around their advertising and ensure messages are effectively communicated and used.

Using a QR code to access this exclusive Calvin Klein Jeans video is another way for the brand to deliver engaging content to consumers in an interactive way.

At the street level, consumers could scan the QR code "Get it uncensored" on Calvin Klein's billboard to view it on their mobile devices.

Viewers could share the QR code on Facebook and Twitter after watching the video.

DieselQR code on Diesel label tag

The Italian fashion brand Diesel uses QR code technology to market its products. Using QR codes, Diesel strengthened their social media presence.

They're taking social media to the next level by bringing the Facebook "Like-Button" to their stores! What a great idea!

If you're shopping at a Diesel store, you can scan a QR code on display and get a mobile-friendly product page. Here's the best part: you can "Like" the products you are interested in and then share them on Facebook. Isn't that a terrific way to share your current activities with your friends?


Skopes is a UK-based clothing company that has implemented a QR code strategy to pursue sustainability. Customers can scan QR codes on clothing tags to find out more about the product's supply chain and production process when they scan the codes. By doing so, customers can make informed decisions about their purchases, and the fashion industry can be transparent and accountable. Skopes' QR code strategy is one of the many ways it reduces its environmental impact while making its products sustainably and ethically.


Huh, that was a long journey! We talked about lots of fashion brands, but that's not all. Since so many fashion brands use QR codes, we can't list them all.

Are you starting a new clothing business? And would you like to use QR codes? I hope you got inspired and gained new ideas from these usages. Let's create QR codes and see how they can make your business stand out in a crowded market!

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