How To Use A Dog Tag With A QR Code

Ilaha Mammadova

Mar 18, 2024

6 min read

dog tag with a QR code

In the digital age where everything is digitized, why not extend this to our furry best friends - our pets?

After all, they hold a special place in our hearts, don't they?

But what happens when the worst occurs and you suddenly lose your beloved dog?

The thought alone sends shivers down our spines. But let's not lose hope just yet. If this happens, there are steps we can take to reunite with our furry friend!

Let's dive in with great energy!

What are the ways to find lost pets?

When your dog goes missing, there are several ways to find them:

  • Use a microchip
  • Search your neighborhood
  • Share on social media
  • Post flyers
  • Check animal shelters and rescues

These methods can be effective and help you find your lost dog. However, would you like to learn about another new, easy option that can quickly help you find your lost dog?

This is the QR code!

Yes, it's so simple.

For days, you have ended up with time-consuming and very few results, such as sharing a picture of your pet on social media or elsewhere, telling all neighbors and friends, and showing photos to people around you. With a QR code, though, finding a pet will be plain sailing. You can reunite with your furry friend within a few hours.

How does a QR code dog tag work?

Printing a QR code on a dog tag and storing important information within the QR code is key if your pet gets lost. This information can include your contact details, such as phone number, address, email, or other relevant information. If your dog gets lost, whoever finds it can easily retrieve your information by scanning the QR code on the dog's collar.

The QR code on the collar becomes easily visible to anyone who comes across the dog.

Simply saying:

  • Create a QR code dog tag
  • Enter your contact information
  • Print a QR code onto a tag
  • Attach it to your pet's collar
  • In case of loss, anyone can scan the QR code and access your details
  • Reunite with your pet

What are the benefits of using a QR code dog tag?

Here’s the most exciting part of our blog! So, when you create a QR code, remember all these will be significant for your dog. Let’s look at them.

1. You can show essential information on a dog tag with the QR code.

  • Medical health: Imagine that your dog has any problem with its health. And if it gets lost, it can be hazardous since no one else knows about it. In the QR code, you can easily show that.
  • Food intake: You may need to emphasize any food intake. Maybe, should not eat certain foods for health reasons. You can show essential foods in the information.
  • Habits: You can mention certain significant habits for your dog. So, you can place all this recorded data via the QR code. 

2. You can edit information without creating a new QR code. 

Your personal information on the tag may have changed. In that case, you can easily update the variable information by accessing the dashboard and replacing it with new data. Once you rescan the tag, you will see that the information has been updated with the new data.

Or if you need to give your dog to a loved one, relative, or someone else, or if the ownership of the dog changes for any other reason, there's no need to create a new QR code. The new owner can simply update the personal information, and the scanned code will display the updated information for the new owner.

3. You can customize your QR code with different styles

When you create a QR code for your dog tag, you can choose different styles of QR codes through the QR Code Creator. These include different shapes and colors.

We can also look at the issue from an even more entertaining perspective. Dear owners of stylish dogs, a dog tag with a QR code is for you!

You can make collars of any type, any color you want, and use tags. So, you will have a dog that looks safe and beautiful in style.

4 solutions we can use to create a dog tag QR code

When you make your QR code for the dog tag, you can use these solutions in the QR code creator.

  • vCard QR code: When you create the vCard QR code, you will place your name, surname, email address, and address on the card. You can even place information about yourself in the bio and your profile picture. You only need a collar and a dog tag with a vCard QR code. With a single scan, any person can quickly contact you.
  • PDF QR code: You can add your dog's information by creating the pdf QR code. Just create a QR code and see the information when scanning.
  • Website QR code: You can link to the desired page by creating the Website QR code. This data can be your website or any landing page related to your dog.
  • Social media QR code: You should keep your personal information private, such as a number or address. In this case, you can create social media QR code where you can place your social media accounts. Or it could be that you have set up a social media account for your dog or cat. At this time, you can also place those social media accounts and create a cat QR code or dog QR code on the tag.

In short, the type of QR code depends on your preferences.

You will find your pet quickly by placing the desired information in the QR code pet ID tags.

Businesses that need to invest in QR code dog tags

Isn't it the perfect idea to increase sales?

Undoubtedly, it is. Some businesses sell a vast number of accessories for dogs. But why selling dog tags with QR codes is essential for them? New ideas are always perfect for adding diversity and boosting sales. They can take orders from customers and make customized pet tags.

Additionally, QR code pet ID tags are necessary for every pet owner. Despite the many pet owners, pet loss statistics also don’t fall short. Unfortunately, many of these lost pets are never reunited with their owners. So, to prevent experiencing the same situation, people can already protect their pets through the QR code pet ID tags.

What businesses sell QR code dog tags?

Here are the places where we can get dog tags.

  • Pet shops: Pet shops sell a wide range of dog products, such as food, toys, clothing, and other items. For this reason, a pet shop is likely the first place you should check if you search for QR code dog tags. Nowadays, QR code dog tags are among the most popular choices.
  • Pet grooming salons: Dog owners come to this place always with their dogs. So, pet grooming salons also sell more items for dogs. You'll likely be able to find QR code dog tags at this location.
  • Pet farming shops: If you're looking for QR code dog tags, you can find them at pet farming shops.
  • Animal shelters: As a bonus, animal shelters may be suitable for buying tags if you want one more option.

Bonus: How to increase your social media following with QR code dog tags

Lose, lose, lose. We've already written much about losing. Let's talk about winning too. Imagine that you have created special social media accounts for your dog, and your dog has a perfect style! You have decided that you will soon reach a good audience by increasing the number of followers.

Naturally, the QR code is still ready to make your work easier! Going for a walk with your pet can be a real attention grabber!

With its eye-catching appearance, everyone will be drawn to it. People will want to take photos with it, give it hugs, and interact with it in various ways. With a QR code on its collar, it's easy for people to follow your pet. With just one scan, they can join the fun and stay up-to-date on all its latest adventures.

You can also see that your beloved friend is already famous!

What is a QR code for pet information?

All you have to do is write down the information you want about your pet and show it with a QR code that may be a dog or cat QR code. You simply create a QR code and print that information on a tag. Any person can scan and see that information and contact you if your pet is lost.

Can I put a QR code on the dog tag?

Yes, you can easily do it with a QR Code Creator. Just create a QR code by entering the data, and then print this data on the tag.

How do you create a QR code for your dog?

Select the desired solution (URL, vCard, and others) through the QR creator, enter the data, create your preferred style, and that's it; the QR code for the dog tag is ready.

What should you not put on your dog's ID tag?

It just depends on your choice. If you want, you can place your personal information on the QR code, such as name, surname, number, address, information about your dog, or social media accounts.

Should you put a phone number on the dog tag?

Having your number on hand is helpful if you want a quick resolution when your dog goes missing. However, this is optional, and if you prefer not to include your phone number, you can still provide other details to help someone get in touch with you.


Ultimately, we conclude that the QR code saves us heartbreak. People are so attached to their pets that it becomes fantastic to be separated from them and lose them. We can overcome this situation with a pet tag QR code. QR code, you can feel like a hero!

You can be sure that we love you very much. Always come with updates!

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