Everything You Need To Know About QR Codes In The Fashion Industry (QR Codes on Clothing and More)

Gunel Ismayilova

Mar 04, 2024

6 min read

QR codes on Clothes

Hey, fashion lovers! Have you ever heard of QR codes in the world of fashion? You probably wished you could access more information about the product during your shopping trip right there.

Well, that's where QR codes come in! QR codes are worth considering for anyone in the fashion industry who wants to stay ahead of the game.

In this blog, we'll discuss how QR codes change the fashion industry and make shopping more interactive and convenient. No matter if you're a fashionista or a tech enthusiast, keep reading to find out what QR codes are doing to change the fashion world.

Now, let's get started!

What are QR Codes, and How do they work?

QR codes are those little black-and-white squares that you can scan with your smartphone camera. They're like super-intelligent barcodes that can store various information, including text, URLs, contact information, and multimedia content such as videos and images. QR codes provide a quick and convenient way to access information and are commonly used in marketing and advertising, event tickets, product packaging, and fashion industries.

Importance of QR Codes in the Fashion Industry

There is no denying that the fashion industry is constantly developing and adapting to new technology, which includes QR codes. QR codes are quickly becoming a game changer in the fashion industry. Adding QR codes to retailers' products can improve the overall customer experience, streamline shopping processes, and even build a stronger brand image through product traceability. In addition to making shopping more convenient for customers, QR code also saves sales associates time by reducing the number of questions.

What are the Use Cases of QR Codes in Fashion?

With the rise of technology, the fashion industry has been experimenting with new ways to integrate it into their designs. QR codes, in particular, have been gaining popularity as a way to enhance the customer experience. Here are some innovative ways to incorporate QR codes into fashion design.

On-Demand Product Information

One of the most popular use cases of the QR code in the fashion industry is providing consumers instant access to product information. It improves the customer experience and saves sales associates time by reducing the questions they need to answer. There are many ways clothing brands can embed QR codes for product info on product tags, clothing labels, and the clothing itself. It benefits customers unfamiliar with a brand who want to know more before making a purchase. With a quick scan, customers can access all the information they need to make an accurate decision. It's like having a personal stylist right in your pocket!

Virtual Try-Ons

Source: Aimirr's website

QR codes can provide customers with virtual try-on experiences, eliminating customers needing to try on clothes physically. By scanning the code, customers can see a 3D rendering of the garment on a model and change the color, fabric, or even style to understand better how it would look on them. For example, we can point to AIMIRR, a fashion brand that uses the same strategy with QR codes. Many fashion brands also offer virtual try-on experiences through "smart mirrors." Customers can use a QR code to try outfits virtually and download their images.

Window Shopping

QR codes are also present on the windows of shopping stores in an attractive way, allowing customers to access online shopping websites and look at all the products without entering the store.

In-Store Product Displays

Retailers can use QR codes on in-store product displays to give customers detailed information about the products, such as the designer, the price, and the product's availability. It helps save time and enables customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Advertising with LEDs

 Advertising QR codes with LEDs in the fashion industry is a modern and effective way to reach customers. By incorporating these technologies into their advertising campaigns, fashion brands can provide customers with an engaging and interactive experience. It is common to display QR codes, eye-catching graphics, and animations on digital billboards. Customers can then scan the QR codes with their smartphones and be taken directly to a webpage with information about the advertised product, such as detailed product descriptions, images, and even special promotions or discounts.


Fashion brands can use QR codes to collaborate with other industries, such as music, art, and technology. Customers can access exclusive content by scanning the code, such as interviews with designers, behind-the-scenes footage, or even special offers.

QR codes on Clothing and Apparel: Their Usage

It is possible to place QR codes directly on clothes. It is fun and exciting for customers to learn more about a product by interacting with QR codes. Imagine checking out a fashion brand's latest collection or watching a behind-the-scenes photo shoot video by scanning a QR code on a t-shirt!

How does QR code work with clothes?

By placing QR codes on clothing tags, labels, or even on the garment itself, customers can access all sorts of information, like product details and sizing info. Using a smartphone, they can scan QR codes on clothing to discover where the codes lead.

Not only do QR codes on clothes offer a quick and easy way to access information, but they also add a futuristic and tech-savvy touch to your wardrobe.

"QR U?"

Source: Thorunn Arnadotti's QR U ? collection

A QR code dress called "QR U?" is an excellent example of how technology and fashion combine to make something extraordinary.

The piece is a work of art made by Thorunn Arnadottir for Kali of the band Steed Lord. This dress illustrates the power of creativity and innovation by combining technology, fashion, music, and culture.

QR codes are glamorously embellished with Swarovski crystal beading inspired by African beadwork. The codes lead to sites and videos related to Steed Lord, making it an interactive and immersive experience for fans.

What are the Advantages of Using QR Codes in the Fashion Industry?

The advantages of using QR codes in the Fashion industry are listed below

  • Easy to edit and update: Even after printing, QR codes allow brands to change the linked information. It allows for real-time updates to product information, promotions, and other content. The ability to edit QR codes improves customer engagement and adapts to changing market trends and preferences.
  • Trackable: QR codes help fashion companies keep track of their inventory and reduce the risk of overstocking or selling out of popular items. Trackable QR codes provide statistics such as the total number of scanners and the time and location of the scans.
  • Better image of the brand: QR codes in fashion can help improve a brand's image by offering a modern and tech-savvy approach to shopping. By incorporating QR codes into their products, fashion brands can demonstrate their understanding of current consumer trends and show that they are keeping up with new technologies. It improves the brand image and builds customer trust and loyalty. By creating an interactive shopping experience with QR codes, fashion brands can stand out from the competition and showcase their innovative approach to fashion and technology.
  • Easily accessible: Additionally, QR codes offer customers a wealth of product information. You only need to scan a QR code to get information about an item you're interested in, such as materials, care instructions, and sizing. Now you don't have to hunt for a sales associate or read tiny tags - everything is at your fingertips!

How to Generate a QR Code for Fashion

To generate a QR code for fashion, follow these steps.

  1. Choose the QR code type that you want to create. Based on the information above, QR codes are used for different purposes in the fashion industry. Think about where and what information you want to put on your QR code before you create one for your brand. Once you've decided, QR Code Creator will help you make your QR code.
  2. Complete set-up guides. When you have selected the type of QR code, you need to fill out the required information, like adding URLs, PDFs, uploading images, etc. Generally, requirements differ according to the selected solutions.
  3. Make your QR code match your brand's style. It is possible to customize your QR code using the different tools of the QR Code Creator, such as changing the color, body, and edge of QR codes. Adding a logo to your fashion brand's QR code can increase its image and make it more attractive to consumers. Consider designing them accordingly if you intend to use QR codes as labels or clothing designs. After completing these steps, download your QR code for fashion and use it. 


    Through this, you got a good understanding of QR codes in the fashion industry. So next time you're browsing the shelves or flipping through a magazine, take notice of those little square codes. You never know where they might take you! With QR codes, the fashion world is just a scan away. Who says technology can't be stylish?

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