How to Retrieve a QR Code - Restore Deleted and Lost QR Codes

Shahla Abdulova

May 08, 2024

2 min read

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Static QR codes, which embed permanent data and lack tracking capabilities, are not able to be restored if lost. Dynamic QR codes, managed online, are easier to recover if they are accidentally deleted. Retrieving a dynamic QR code involves accessing the QR code generator platform, logging in, and selecting the QR code for download. Here is how to retrieve the lost QR code campaign from the dashboard, emphasizing the importance of going to the platform's homepage, accessing the account, finding the trash section, and selecting the option to restore the campaign.

Which Types of QR Code Can be Restored?

Dynamic QR codes can be restored. Retrieving a QR code if it’s lost or requires modification depends on its type: Static or Dynamic. Static QR codes cannot be restored.

  • Static QR codes: Static QR codes embed data directly into their design. Static QR codes remain active forever as long as the data stays active. The data is permanent once the QR code is generated. Static QR codes are not stored in any database. Static QR code data is not able to be tracked. There is no way to restore them if they are lost; a new one must be designed.
  • Dynamic QR codes: Dynamic QR codes are more advanced. Dynamic QR codes are stored on an online QR code generator platform’s dashboard, where modifications and scan analytics are monitored. Dynamic QR codes are recovered quickly if they are accidentally deleted.

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How to Retrieve a QR code

To retrieve a dynamic QR code accidentally deleted from a device, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the homepage of the QR code generator platform.
  2. Log into the account.
  3. Choose the QR code that needs to be retrieved.
  4. Select the option to download the QR code in the desired format.

The following steps explain how to recover a lost QR code if the QR campaign was deleted directly from the dashboard.

  1. Start by visiting the QR code generator platform's homepage.
  2. Access the account by logging in.
  3. Find “Trash” on the account.
  4. Identify the deleted QR code campaign.
  5. Click on “Restore”.

How to Recover Lost QR Code

To recover a lost QR code campaign that was deleted directly from the dashboard, start by navigating to the homepage of the QR code creator platform. Log in to the account after reaching the platform's homepage. Next, locate the option labeled “Trash” within the account settings. Choose the deleted QR code campaign that needs to be recovered within the “Trash” section. Retrieve the QR code after identifying it by clicking “Restore.” Recovering the QR code returns the deleted QR code campaign to its original location within the account, allowing the user to resume its use or make any necessary modifications.

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