QR Codes on Cinema Advertising: Complete Guide to Know Everything

Ilaha Mammadova

Mar 28, 2024

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QR Codes on Cinema Advertising

Typically, everything has a creation story. Something is discovered or invented, and if successful, it endures for years. However, the history of cinemas is a bit different. During the Covid-19 pandemic, cinemas stopped their activities. But now, finally experiencing a resurgence in activity. This can be considered their rebirth.

As a result, advertisements are once again prevalent in cinemas, occupying moviegoers' attention. But the advertisements have taken on a slightly different style. Instead of text-filled posters, we now see codes in various forms. These codes are truly fascinating.

We can access a wealth of information with a quick scan using our camera. You likely already know what we're referring to.

Yeah, QR codes!

The most straightforward means of conveying information to people! Before a movie begins, the big screen, posters, displays, and even tickets throughout the cinema feature QR codes brimming with information. This is magical!

Let's explore how QR codes are utilized in cinema and why they are crucial. We will explore the role of QR codes in cinemas, which spare us from the strain of reading extensive amounts of text.

What is the importance of QR codes in cinema advertising?

Cinema staff and companies or brands alike have realized the effectiveness of advertising in places where many people gather. QR codes have become increasingly vital for promoting both cinemas and brand advertisements.

As we all know, people overlook text-heavy advertisements, paying little to no attention to them.

When we combine these two factors, the significance of QR codes in cinema advertising becomes clear. Isn't it amazing to have an eye-catching QR code in an obvious location, which can provide people with all the necessary information with just one scan?

Achieving successful results with such an advertisement is genuinely fantastic! In short, the role of QR codes in cinemas is significant, and they are utilized not only for advertising purposes but also for other applications. In our blog's subsequent sections, we will delve into the magical uses of QR codes in cinemas, so keep reading to find out more.

Why is the use of QR codes in cinema advertising increasing daily?

Watching a movie is the main reason for going to the cinema. So people buy tickets for that purpose. However, they're often encouraged to indulge in other experiences once they're at the cinema. The smell of popcorn wafts through the air, tempting them to buy some and enjoy it during the movie.

With a ticket in one hand and a box of popcorn in the other, they go to the movie theatre where the movie will be screened. And this is where they encounter QR codes - on their ticket, the big screen, the popcorn box, or posters around the cinema.

It's not a choice they've made, but it's something they can benefit from.


By scanning the QR codes and accessing the information they provide!

QR codes have become an excellent tool for providing moviegoers with many benefits in cinemas. For instance, they can obtain discount coupons, access databases about current promotions, or even watch trailers of their favorite films just by scanning the code.

In this sense, QR codes are more than just a means of transmitting information; they offer tangible benefits to the moviegoer. However, the parties that gain the most from QR codes are the advertisers, filmmakers, and cinema staff.

By incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategy, they can effortlessly transmit information to the public and boost sales. Given the mutually advantageous nature of QR codes in cinemas, it is no wonder they are rapidly gaining popularity.

After all, why shouldn't a tool that benefits both sides continue to evolve and thrive?

Of course, it does and will do!

Advantages of using QR codes in cinemasAdvantages of using QR codes in cinemas

Now, let's explore the benefits and features of QR codes in more detail, one by one. What can both cinemas and advertisers gain by advertising with QR codes?

  • Brand awareness

Have you considered the advantages of introducing the brand to the audience before the movie starts? Imagine seeing a well-designed QR code displayed on the big screen. Scanning takes only a few seconds. Using an engaging CTA, advertisers and cinemas can encourage people to scan and provide relevant information within the QR code. This could include a video showcasing the campaigns, social media accounts, or upcoming events. By scanning the code, people can become familiar with the brand, and ultimately, they can attract them to their business and achieve effective results.

  • Boosting sales

One of the most powerful methods to boost sales is offering discounts or promotional campaigns through a QR code. This approach is highly effective and has a lot of potential. By using QR codes in this way, customers can quickly and easily scan the code. Accessing information, such as special offers or discounts, will make them happy. By providing these incentives, advertisers, and cinemas can attract customers and make significant strides toward increasing their sales. Once customers take advantage of their campaign and are satisfied with their product or service, they may become loyal, providing them with even more business.

  • Attractive design

Advertisers and cinemas can create a QR code in various shapes, colors, and styles depending on their preferences. They can customize the QR code to fit their unique needs and present it to their customers at the cinema in any way they choose. Whether they want a simple, standard code or a more elaborate design, they can create a QR code that suits their business. With this flexibility, they can ensure their QR code is visually appealing and effectively conveys customer messages.

  • Tracking data

Knowing the number of people who scan an advertisement after it has been displayed on the big screen, displays, or posters in cinemas is crucial. QR codes are an excellent tool for this purpose. With QR codes, cinemas and advertisers can create multiple ads with different calls to action and determine which ad is more effective by measuring the number of scans. Additionally, they can track the time and device used by those who scan the code. This allows them to gather valuable data about the audience and make informed decisions about their marketing strategy. Furthermore, cinemas can use QR codes to gauge movie demand and interest by analyzing the number of people who watch movie trailers. This data can provide valuable insights into audience preferences and help cinemas make informed decisions about future movie offerings.

  • Editing

There is no need to create a new QR code if any changes need to be made to the campaign's text, visuals, or conditions. In other words, if they need to update the information associated with the QR code, simply access the dashboard and make the necessary changes.

  • Saving costs

QR codes offer a cost-effective solution for cinemas and advertisers that wish to make effective advertising. If they opt for traditional advertising methods such as billboards or print materials, they will be charged significantly for a large area or many materials. However, using a QR code, they can deliver their message to the audience without taking up much physical space, and they won't have to incur the cost of printing materials. This makes QR codes a highly cost-effective advertising option for brands.

How to use QR codes in cinema advertising

Now, we've arrived at the part we've been eagerly anticipating. After reading this, you will notice all the QR codes you've overlooked at the cinema. But first, stay with me because we will look at using QR codes in cinema advertising.

How do cinemas use QR codes for advertising?

Cinemas use QR codes for advertising as follows.

  • Movie trailer: One widespread use of QR codes in cinemas is for movie trailers. Cinemas advertise current and upcoming movies in posters, typically hung on walls or displayed on screens throughout the cinema. Rather than waiting to watch the trailer later, moviegoers can simply scan the QR code on the poster and be taken directly to the trailer. Within a few minutes, they can watch the trailer and get all the necessary information about the movie. What could be more comfortable and engaging for movie lovers than this? Utilizing QR codes in cinemas this way is one of the most effective methods.
  • Online tickets: Standing in line for several minutes to purchase movie tickets can be a tiresome experience for many people. However, imagine if they were greeted with a QR code featuring a "Buy Tickets Online" call-to-action message as soon as they walked into the cinema. With just one quick scan, they could purchase their tickets within seconds, making the process more convenient and efficient.
  • Website: Additionally, directing movie-goers to the cinema's website is an ideal and convenient option for browsing and selecting movies. By placing QR codes on posters and displays, inviting people to visit the website, and exploring movie options, cinemas can significantly increase website traffic.
  • Work entrance card: Cinemas can add QR codes to their entrance cards for employees to prevent fraudulent activities. So, each card would have a unique code, and when scanned, it would reveal the employee's personal information. Utilizing QR codes in this way can effectively prevent any potential fraud.
  • Discounts and gifts: Cinemas can attract customers and increase loyalty by offering discounts on different days of the week through a dedicated loyalty section on their website. They can also incentivize customers to buy multiple tickets by offering a free ticket as a gift. By placing QR codes on tickets and posters, customers can easily access this information and be directed to the website to buy tickets online and get more detailed information about available discounts and promotions. This strategy increases website traffic and enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Check-in: Before entering the movie theater, check-in can take some time. Tickets are verified, and once that is complete, everyone is allowed entry. The use of a QR code also streamlines this process. Checking in via QR code takes only a second and allows people to enter without a lengthy wait in line.
  • Payment: QR codes are also helpful when making purchases at the cinema, whether for tickets, popcorn, drinks, or other items. Scanning the QR code can quickly facilitate the payment process by directly accessing the card information, allowing a payment to be completed in just a few seconds.
  • Social media: Cinemas actively promote their films on social media platforms. However, some individuals may not be aware of these updates and only follow the movies on the theater's website. To address this, social media QR codes can be used to connect people with the cinema's various social media accounts. By simply scanning the QR code, users can easily select and follow the accounts of their choice.
  • Feedback: As movie theaters are a part of the service industry, receiving customer feedback is critical for their success. This allows theaters to understand what their customers want and what aspects of the service may need improvement, ultimately resulting in a more effective and valuable customer experience. Feedback QR codes are prominently displayed throughout the cinema to facilitate this process. By scanning the QR code, individuals can quickly fill out the feedback form and share their thoughts with the cinema.
  • App: Movie theaters increasingly use QR codes to encourage customers to download mobile apps. By scanning the QR code, users are taken directly to the app's page on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, allowing for quick and easy downloading in just one second.

How do advertisers use QR codes for their ads?

It's no secret that cinemas are prime locations for advertisers looking to advertise their products or services. With many people in attendance throughout the day, brands have ample opportunities to reach their target audience.

Advertisers have found QR codes to be an effective tool for various types of advertising, including video QR codes, social media QR codes, app QR codes, and coupon QR codes. By incorporating these codes into their promotional materials, such as posters, displays, big screens, and even movie tickets, they can provide users with detailed information about their brand and offer enticing discounts with just one scan.

Additionally, brands can use different advertising strategies. For instance, an accessory store specializing in movie-related items could place a QR code on top of popcorn boxes with a compelling call-to-action to encourage customers to visit their store and offer discounts for their products.

How can cinemas utilize QR codes online?

Let's look at three creative and exciting ways to place QR codes that are convenient and useful for cinema staff and movie lovers.

  • Cinema seat: Many people find it challenging to choose seats when booking tickets online, as they are unsure of the screen's view from different seats. To solve this problem, cinemas can create a visual representation of the view from each seat and incorporate it into a QR code. Customers can easily access this visual by scanning the code and confidently choosing their preferred seat. This simple solution makes the booking process more user-friendly and enhances the customer experience.
    Check how the screen looks
  • Email: Email marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing methods. When crafting an email, including an attractive QR code at the end via your email signature is possible. This QR code can contain a range of information you want to convey to your audience, making it an effective tool for communicating essential details about your products or services. Additionally, including a URL to your website that showcases new movies can make the email even more effective and engaging for your target audience.
  • Location: By placing a QR code on your website or social media accounts, you can help people easily locate your address without extensive searching. Once the QR code is scanned, the address will be opened directly on Google Maps, making it quick and effortless for your audience to find your location. This simple addition can enhance the user experience and improve overall customer satisfaction.


People naturally prefer comfort and convenience when it comes to accessing information.

In this blog, we explored how cinema enthusiasts can effectively and conveniently obtain the information they need about movies and benefit from the advertisements presented by advertisers.

From the moment they enter the cinema to the moment they leave, viewers can watch trailers, receive detailed movie information, and even access discounts with just one QR code.

The versatility and usefulness of this technology are truly astounding, and we're grateful to live in a time when such tools are readily available at our fingertips!

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